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Vertical Software is a UK Software Developer, Publisher, Re-Seller, and Solution Provider. We are small enough to care with enough industry muscle to make things work. We also provide Technical Support and Hardware Installation as part of 'Total Package' solutions. Our Services and Products include The following range:

Entertainment Agency Management Software
We have a range of Software available which makes running an Entertainment Agency a breeze! Our software will save you both time and money, and will make your Agency more efficient. Many of the top Agents in the Country use our software, because they feel it does the job best, and offers the best value for money!
Click Here to go to our Links Page - Some of our users are listed there with direct access to their sites.

The Ace Professional range is the only Entertainment Agency Management Software approved by the
National Entertainments Agents Council

Internet / Website Design, Creation, Maintenance and Management
Vertical Software can provide a full Internet Service from designing Sites to full scale management of multi level multi service sites with on-line information, auto e-mail, bulletin boards, forums, flash presentaitions, e-commerce etc.,

Bespoke Software
Programs written exactly as you want them, for Dos, Win 3.x, Win 95, Win 98 or NT. Written in Clipper, VO, VB, Delphi, etc.

Legacy Software Maintenance / Upgrades
Improvements, updates, bug fixes, conversion to Windows (all varieties), and Year 2000 work undertaken for programs written in Clipper, VO, VB, Delphi, etc

Software Sales
Vertical Software are authorised dealers for many software products and are able to offer a top quality sales and support service for many types of product including Networking, Fax, Reporting, Utilities, etc.,

Hardware Sales / Installation / Maintenance
Vertical Software can provide a total solution of hardware, bespoke and retail software, technical support and maintenance, and indeed does so for some well respected companies.

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